Loup is a Parisian-inspired women’s wear collection passionate about finding the perfect fit. Pulling vintage details from the wardrobes of icons like Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn, Loup combines a love of 1960’s Paris with a touch of modern ease. Designed with real women in mind, Loup has grown a cult following around their curve-friendly pants and works endlessly to continue improving the fit and feel of their clothing, which can be pretty life changing in a complicated world of bottoms. Loup is available worldwide and is made in New York City.


From start to finish, we know every person involved in making our clothing in New York City, and we find peace in being small and transparent. We don’t pad our company or prices with unnecessary excess, we keep things streamlined to benefit both our studio and your wallet. This gives us freedom to respond to your ever-changing needs quickly, without adding to the cost. We love being small, focused and free, and hope you love that about us too.


Keeping prices down and is all well and good, but most important is the product. We tired of never finding things that fit right, and keep working to improve the fit and feel of our clothing. In particular, we work endlessly to make the best fitting pants around. Higher waisted, built for curves and mostly with a little stretch, our pants are more than just hype. Try them and hopefully you’ll love them too!